Sucker Rod Pumping


Course Content     

Introduction to reservoir drive mechanism 
  Classification of reservoirs based drive mechanism
  Basic equation for pressure measurements
  Types of down hole pressure   

. Introduction to artificial lift system
    Rod pumping system major components
    Surface equipment's 
    Prime movers 
    Sucker rods 
    Down hole pumps  

. Surface pumping units 
    Functions of pumping units 
    pumping unit designations 
    API pumping unit sizes 
    pumping unit nomenclature 
    gear reducers 
    gear design 
    housing design

. API classifications of crank balanced pumping units

. Un-conventional pumping units

. Prime movers: types , consideration , preventative maintenance

. Sucker rod string 
    conventional sucker rods 
    continuous sucker rods 

. API nomenclature of sucker rods
    Special rods for large loads/torque            
    high strength , high torque sucker rods
    sucker rods coupling
    change-over and polish rod coupling
    molded-on rods guides
    wheeled rod guides
    sinker bar
    stabilizer bar
    polished rods
    rod rotators

. Care and handling of sucker rods

. Down hole rod pump 
    types of rod pumps   
    insert tubing 
    API pump designation
    types of insert pumps
    types of tubing pumps
    primary parts of pump
    special pumps

. Acoustic fluid level and dynamometer survey

. Design of rod pumping system 

. Rod pumping system trouble shooting
    fluid pound
    gas interference/gas pound
    gas locking