To register for the upcoming session, international students, whether sponsored by companies or not, with a good level of English and French are required to: Provide pre-registration documentation as shown in the registration space and evidence of English proficiency which can be scanned and sent by email to: as well as by mail.

Within 3 days from receiving the application, the candidate will be notified about his/her pre-registration request.

Then, he/she should undertake the preparations for the trip to Tunisia. Registration will be considered final when it reaches OGIM no later than one week before starting of training. Candidates are tested in English and French if necessary.


Authorisation stay requirements for foreing students

1- 6 photos i.d size with grey background
2- A received copy of receipt plus 15DT
3- 2 copies o fthe first two pages of your passport
4- 2 copies of the last entry/entry stamp/ visa in your passport
5- 2 copies of the enrolment certificate
6- copies of bank statements/ receipt from money exchange or certificate of support and 2 copies of residence permit
7- 2 copies of the lease of the house legalised by the municipality