ATEX Training




Course Content


1. Induction and awareness regarding severity of explosion and fire accidents

2. How explosion and fire accidents happen?

    a.Fire triangle

    b.Ignorance or failure to implement HSE Standards /Procedures (PTW, JSA, RA, LOTO…)

    c.Apparatus and equipment not compliant with the area.

3.Hazardous Area and Zone classification (Zone 0, 1 et 2).

    a.Definitions : Zone 0, Zone 1 and  Zone 2.

    b.ATEX (CompEx) Directive.

    c.Work procedure in ATEX Area.

4.Apparatus and equipments selection and specification for ATEX Area.

5.Maintenance and inspection of electrical apparatus in potentially explosive atmospheres.

6.Exercise: Site ATEX Audit.

7.Assessment Test.