Petroleum training

TPI and OGIM offer extended, long duration courses (from 300 to 650 hours spreading over 4 to 10 months) in the field of petroleum. These courses are meant for  high school graduates, technicians, engineers and holders of master degrees. Some candidates are subsidized by petroleum companies and other institutions which cover their training fees, in particular candidates from African countries. Other candidates are sponsored by their countries’ ministries of energy.


Long duration courses are delivered in English or French. Training courses taught in English are imperatively preceded by an English language placement test followed by an intensive 180-hour English language course. Students may ultimately choose to take the official TOEIC Test. A minimum language proficiency level is a requirement for admission.

Furthermore, a language proficiency test in French maybe required.

Training Venues

Long duration courses take place mainly in Tataouine and Monastir.

Types of training Programs:

Application and procedures:

Subscription applications can be filled in online on TPI's or OGIM’s website (Long programs registration) or submitted directly at TPI Tataouine or OGIM’s head office in Monastir. The applicant is required to provide a certified copy of the latest degree along with a detailed CV (mandatory for engineers).

Shortlisted candidates will be notified and are invited to take the language placement test. Candidates, especially those living abroad, who show proof of recent language proficiency certificates, are exempted from taking the test.

Retained candidates should provide:

  • Two certified copies of their latest degree as well as a certified copy of their GCSE (baccalaureate).
  •  A copy of their ID card or of the passport for Non-Tunisians.
  •  A curriculum vitae CV (mandatory for engineers).
  • Two recent ID photos.
  •  An information form to be completed by candidate.
  •  A Training agreement (provided by OGIM) to be signed by candidate.